Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Always Planning!

School ended just last Friday, so here I am (like so many of us!) cruisin' the internet, setting up a game plan for next year.

I have packed (to move back to the grade I was in last year - argh!) and moved all my own stuff with minimal help from the custodians.  I say I move it myself so that I know where it is in August, but in reality, I end up throwing last day items in the cubbies and wishing I could fast-forward to August when I will sit in a hot (but QUIET classroom) and organize all over again. At least I saved the custodians some work.

My theme next year will once again be Adventures in Second Grade!  I have a Fairy Tale adventures word wall, a Jungle adventure board, a Safari adventure helper board, and a Pirate adventure board.  I was able to carefully tack together and move my entire word wall to the new room and I will update my words for second grade. Yay!  I also was able to get up some zebra wrapping paper for my Jungle board - now I just have to figure out what I want to go there....

That brings me to my learning list for the summer.

~ Whole Brain Learning - Last year I did some basics (Class-Yes, Teach-Ok).  In September, I'd like to do

~ Daily 5

~ CAFE - Both of these I admired first for the beautiful displays I saw on Pinterest (here is the link to my section School Ideas I Love ) and then for the great opportunity to create a more independent, self-directed second graders.

Do you think that is enough?  What are you working on for the summer?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dare to Dream!

This is such a crazy time of year - and I love it!  There are so many projects, culminating events, and (arg!) paperwork to do that I feel like there isn't enough time!  Then I start seeing lists of children for my incoming class and I start thinking what fun things we can do next year.  With new classroom assignments, I start cleaning, and purging, and planning my blank slate of a classroom.  So many other teachers hate to move their classroom.  Of course, who does want to start all over every year or two?  But, as a pile-maker and never-got-filed lover, I have to appreciate the cleaning that I am forced to do, even if only to pack up my stuff.  I am so drained at the end of these June days, but also have an underlying excitement of starting fresh!  I can't wait!