Thursday, August 2, 2012

A WILD Year!

Uh-Oh!  This Adventure theme is taking a very WILD turn!  Some errands today turned into a zebra themed shopping bonanza.  Check out some of the great finds.

The cube storage/seating (from TJ Maxx) is for by my chart stand and carpet for whole class lessons.

The pink zebra bag (for carrying stuff), pink zebra frames (for beautifully posting required signs by the door), and sheet of zebra duct tape (for creating two starting marks for line up) are from Staples.

The zebra trim and multicolored zebra cardstock are from Michael's.

All these match my clip chart and binders I have made over the summer.  Who knew I liked zebra so much? I was going to have different adventures in different areas of the classroom....hmmmm, now what to do about my Fairy Tale Adventure Word Wall?  It may need a redo mid-year.  For the time being, I'll leave it be.

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