Monday, July 9, 2012

Daily 5 Party

I have joined the party full-force!  I am reading the Daily 5 book and scouring the vast WWW to find anything Daily 5 and CAFE.  I managed to stumble and land face first in this Wonderful group of bloggers working their way through the Daily 5 book.  I am so happy to read the words of these bloggers and find that it echoes my own thoughts starting the book.  I hope I can catch up to them!  Here is the link to Lory's Page when she began this book talk.  At the bottom are a number of other bloggers, each contributing their thoughts.  All of these sites have great ideas of their own.

I am still building that black, white, and red all over bulletin board.  I plan to stop by school tomorrow to do some measuring of the board in question so that I can move forward with the whole display and not find out I made it too big when I get there in August.  Here is what I have so far...Still a work in progress.
I am reading one of the links at Fourcornerslife blog and she has some interesting points about the importance of choice and building stamina.  Returning to 2nd grade, I am excited about the improved maturity (potential?) of slightly older students.  I am hoping to build on their desire to be "big kids" and that intrinsic motivation.  I am also really crossing my fingers to build that stamina.  I find it hard to button my own  lip and let them work without praising the ones who are doing well, so I hope to build my own stamina, too.

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